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Ian D. Medeiros

PhD Candidate

Department of Biology

Duke University


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Mailing address:

Duke University

Campus Box 90338

Durham, NC 27708

United States 

Lecanoraceae and Trebouxia in Bolivia


† = Co-first authors; ‡ = Co-senior authors.

Medeiros, I.D.†, E. Mazur†, J. Miadlikowska, A. Flakus, P. Rodriguez-Flakus, C.J. Pardo-De la Hoz, E. Cieślak, L. Śliwa‡, and F. Lutzoni‡. (2021). Turnover of lecanoroid mycobionts and their Trebouxia photobionts along an elevation gradient in Bolivia highlights the role of environment in structuring the lichen symbiosis. Frontiers in Microbiology 12: 774839. PDF | Online Version (Open Access)

This paper is the result of a collaboration between the Lutzoni Lab and the lichenology group at the W. Szafer Institute of Botany in Kraków, Poland. Ian presented this study at the International Association for Lichenology 9th Symposium (IAL9) in August 2021 and won the Margalith Galun Award for best student poster. 

Our article is part of a research topic (i.e., special issue) of Frontiers in Microbiology on Photobiont Diversity in Lichen Symbioses. Please also check out the article by Magdalena Kosecka in the same special issue, which provides another perspective on Trebouxia in Bolivia. 

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