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Ian D. Medeiros

PhD Candidate

Department of Biology

Duke University


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Mailing address:

Duke University

Campus Box 90338

Durham, NC 27708

United States 

† = Co-first authors; ‡ = Co-senior authors


Medeiros, I.D. and Lutzoni, F. (2022). Contribution to a modern treatment of Graphidaceae biodiversity in South Africa: genera of tribe Graphideae with hyaline ascospores. The Lichenologist 54: 253–270.

PDF | Online Version (Open Access)

Pardo-De la Hoz, C.J., Medeiros, I.D., Gibert, J.P., Chagnon, P.-L., Magain, N., Miadlikowska, J., and Lutzoni, F. (2022). Phylogenetic structure of specialization: A new approach that integrates partner availability and phylogenetic diversity to quantify biotic specialization in ecological networks. Ecology and Evolution 12: e8649. 

PDF | Online Version (Open Access) | GitHub Repository


Medeiros, I.D.†, Mazur, E.†, Miadlikowska, J., Flakus, A., Rodriguez-Flakus, P., Pardo-De la Hoz, C.J., Cieślak, E., Śliwa, L.‡, and Lutzoni, F.‡. (2021). Turnover of lecanoroid mycobionts and their Trebouxia photobionts along an elevation gradient in Bolivia highlights the role of environment in structuring the lichen symbiosis. Frontiers in Microbiology 12: 774839.

PDF | Online Version (Open Access) | More Information


Fryday, A.M., Medeiros, I.D., Siebert, S.J., Pope, N., and Rajakaruna, N. (2020). Burrowsia, a new genus of lichenized fungi (Caliciaceae), plus the new species B. cataractae and Scoliciosporum fabisporum, from Mpumalanga, South Africa. South African Journal of Botany 132: 471–481.

PDFOnline Version

Magain, N., Goffinet, B., Simon, A., Seelan Sathiya Seelan, J., Medeiros, I.D., Lutzoni, F., and Miadlikowska, J. (2020). Peltigera serusiauxii (Lecanoromycetes, Ascomycota), a new species from Papua New Guinea and Malaysia. Plant and Fungal Systematics 65: 139–146.

PDF | Online Version (Open Access)


Medeiros, I.D. (2019). Determining the type locality and collector of Nylander’s South African lichens. Bothalia: African Biodiversity and Conservation 49: a2384.

PDF | Online Version (Open Access)


Medeiros, I.D. (2018). A new species of Clandestinotrema (Ascomycota: Ostropales: Graphidaceae) from montane cloud forest in the Venezuelan Andes. Plant and Fungal Systematics 63: 7–10.

PDF | Online Version (Open Access)


Medeiros, I.D., Mathieson, A.C., and Rajakaruna, N. (2017). Heavy metals in seaweeds from a polluted estuary in coastal Maine. Rhodora 119: 201–211. 

PDFOnline Version

Medeiros, I.D., Kraichak, E., Mangold, A., Lücking, R., and Lumbsch, H.T. (2017). Assembling a taxonomic monograph of tribe Wirthiotremateae (lichenized Ascomycota: Ostropales: Graphidaceae). Fieldiana Life and Earth Sciences 9: 1–31. 

PDFOnline Version


Stern, M., Medeiros, I.D., Negoita, L., and Rajakaruna, N. (2016). Limestone flora of the Simonton Quarry Preserve, Rockport, ME, USA. Rhodora 118: 206–226. 

PDF | Online Version


Medeiros, I.D., Rajakaruna, N., and Alexander, E.B. (2015). Gabbro soil–plant relations in the California Floristic Province. Madroño 62: 75–87. 

PDF | Online Version


Medeiros, I.D., Fryday, A.M., and Rajakaruna, N. (2014). Additional lichen records and mineralogical data from metal-contaminated sites in Maine. Rhodora 116: 323–347. 

PDFOnline Version

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